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Life coaching is available to help you get from where you are now to where you want or need to be.  Our coaches are accredited and sensitive to the issues that face seniors.  Coaches can work with individuals or families, and have experience dealing with critical illness and crisis situations.


Transportation options can include local and community programs, public transit, wheelchair transportation, taxi service and in some cases, shuttle services.  We can find out what is available in your area and get you where you need to be when you need to be there.


We often have volunteers available to assist with a variety of things from snow shoveling to caregiver relief to comfort visiting and many other services – it all depends on who is available at the time.  Check with us regularly if you need help that a volunteer may be able to provide.


There are a number of options available to receive hot or prepared meals delivered to your front door. Meals On Wheels is the best known, but in many communities other options are also available with many choices to accommodate varying ( including ethnic, diabetic and gluten free) dietary needs.


Day programs are available for seniors and are a marvelous first step to a more dependent living. Most are able to cope with varying degrees of physical and/ or mental limitations – and a day a week up to five days a week are options for attendance. Letus find out whats available in your community.


In this day of internet shopping and ordering there are many companies that offer delivery often free with the purchase, or home delivery of orders under certain conditions.  It is always worth checking this out if getting there is a another challenge in an already difficult day.


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult for everyone.  But there are some things that can help you to understand grieving and if you need it, there are  professionals who deal specifically with people having trouble with grief.  Start the conversation with us.


Caregiver stress is something that can be completely debilitating.  Caregivers are so concerned about the person they are caring for that they do not consider themselves and their own well – being.  But if caregiver stress is not managed then the caregiver burns out and is no good to anyone.  We have people who offer caregiver relief as well as people who can help manage the stress before the caregiver burns out.


Funerals and end-of-life options are as individual as the person themselves.  There are many considerations (cremation vs burial, formal church service vs casual gathering, celebration of life vs proper funeral) and if you have concerns about costs, organizing, having it pre-arranged, we can help you understand the choices and make them a reality.  For some it is important to have their wishes known ahead of time and these can be difficult conversations – we can help!


Sometimes even relatively simple things like grocery shopping, laundry, paying bills, meal preparation and light housekeeping can be too much to cope with.  Our team offers basic home management if you can’t manage it at the moment, or longer term.

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