Being an advocate is a critical part of care whether that care is in hospital, a long – term care facility or even at home.  An advocate’s role is to speak up for someone who can’t and to fight for the best options available in a rational way, to ensure the best quality of life possible.  Our services include helping you to become an effective medical and emotional advocate, or we can help find someone who can act on your behalf.


As our population is aging, there are so many in-homecare services that can be available to you if you are willing to ask and accept help – including simple things like home makers, personal support workers, hairdressers, yard -maintenance to name a few – up to more complex needs such as 24 – hour nursing care and in-home physiotherapy.


If the time has come that the need exists for assisted living or supportive housing, we are familiar with what is available and can help you explore the options to come up with the best solution possible.


Often, the costs of care options are not properly understood.  Sometimes it is assumed that a long – term care facility is the only way to go, but from a cost standpoint it is often cheaper and more effective to have in-home care.  We understand the costs of the many different options and can help you to understand them too so that you can make good decisions.  We can also help apply for government funding where it is available.


Change comes with aging, and any change in life has issues regardless of the situation or the choice being made. We can help explain the pros and cons of many of the different choices so that you are making an informed decision for the best outcome.


A home can be adapted in many different ways from simple anti-slip devices for stairs and area rugs, to safety grab bars, bath tub inserts or even stair climbers.  There are so many options available to make your home safer and/or more accessible for you to continue to live there.


Moving a loved one into a long – term care facility can be a very difficult transition.  When the time is right, we help with the decision and will assist in the identification and evaluation of the facilities in your area, including cost and advocacy considerations.  We can’t take the pain away but we can help to make it hurt a little bit less.


We are working with volunteers to help us help you.  Our volunteer services may include snow shoveling, friendly visits, caregiver relief – it all depends on what type of volunteers we have available when you need someone.


We can help you or your loved one end their days in comfort and dignity, and we will explore the options with you to find the best one to suit your needs.

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