Most of us acquire assets as we get older.  The effective management of these assets where planning and short term goals are balanced can be a big part of everyday well – being in both the near and the longer term.  We have people who can help come up with alternatives for managing these assets that may not have been considered.


While financial planning is something that started when we were younger, we may not be prepared when things change as a result of aging – whether there is illness involved or not.  Like asset management, an effective strategy for both short term and long term considerations is needed, and working with someone who is familiar with the many new options that are available helps create a sound financial plan and peace of mind.  We have financial analysts and planners who can help.


In everything in life it helps to have a plan.  With senior care considerations, it is very important to understand the options for care.  An analysis of these various options and the complexities that are associated with each one should be something that takes place (as part of responsible asset and financial management) so that long term – well being can be assured.


Most of us don’t want to pay unnecessary taxes.  Having a tax expert can help you minimize what you need to pay  – whether it is applying for a disability tax credit to income splitting or other options, let the experts help.


Government and community programs can often help with the financial burden associated with illness and disability.  Having this information and knowing how to apply for assistance can make a big difference.


Estate planning is all about making the best decisions while you are able to in order to achieve the results you want when you are no longer around.  This includes tangible assets as well as personal desires – and asset management, financial and tax planning.  Making this happen is a multi-faceted activity that requires financial, legal and family involvement.


A reverse mortgage is an option that may help you to realize a dream or it can supply much needed income at a time of financial stress (as a result of illness or injury for example).  Understanding the implications can make a huge difference in financial planning.

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